Tested Objects 1.0 Users' Guide

FitNesse Integration for Naked Objects 4.0.x

Dan Haywood


Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this manual provided that the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Scenario Testing (aka Agile Acceptance Testing)
1.2. Introduction to FitNesse
1.3. How Tested Objects' Integration Works
2. Using the FitNesse Archetype
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Running the Archetype
2.2.1. Running the archetype from the command line
2.2.2. Running the archetype from m2eclipse
2.3. Starting FitNesse Wiki
2.4. Setting up to Run Tests
2.5. Running the Tests
3. Hints and Tips
3.1. Separate In-Progress Stories from the Backlog
3.2. Use a Story Page to Collect A Set of Scenario Tests
3.3. Organize Completed Stories by Component
3.4. Structure your test using Given/When/Then
3.5. Using the RunViewer fixture
3.6. Factor out common "Given"s
3.7. Use a Declarative Style for Page Names
3.8. Run against a real database
3.9. Set up Continuous Integration
A. Reference (Online User Guide)
A.1. Bootstrapping
A.1.1. StoryFixture
A.1.2. SetConfigDirectory
A.1.3. EnableExploration
A.1.4. InitNakedObjects
A.2. SetUp
A.2.1. DateIs
A.2.2. LogonAs
A.2.3. AliasServices
A.2.4. SetUpObjects
A.3. User Interaction
A.3.1. UsingNakedObjectsViewer / UsingNakedObjectsViewerForSetup
A.3.2. CheckList
A.3.3. AliasItemsInList
A.4. Debugging
A.4.1. DebugServices
A.4.2. DebugClock
A.4.3. DebugObjectStore
A.4.4. CheckSpecificationsLoaded
A.4.5. RunViewer
A.5. Tear Down
A.5.1. ShutDownNakedObjects